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Business Administration & Management

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Course Objective

The successful business administrator must be an effective leader, communicator and problem solver; one who can integrate rapidly emerging technology with diverse business functions such as accounting, marketing, and human resource management. Students in the Business Administration (General) program will develop interpersonal and organizational skills. They will use the latest computer technology in business decision making and learn practical skills which will help them to be productive members of the workforce. Graduates can expect to build on this solid base during their entire business career.

Course Outline

  • DBA 5401: Entrepreneurship Education.
  • DBA 5402: Communication and Management of Information Systems.
  • DBA 5403: Quantitative Methods.
  • DBA 5404: Economics.
  • DBA 5405: Managerial Accounting
  • DBA 5406: Financial Accounting
  • DBA 5407: Organization Theory and Behaviour
  • DBA 5408: Theory and Practice of Management
  • DBA 5409: Human and Public Relations
  • DBA 5410: Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
  • DBA 5411: Office Administration and Management
  • DBA 5412: Commercial and Administrative Law
  • DBA 5413: Company and Labour Law
  • DBA 5414: Principles and Practice of Marketing
  • DBA 5415: Project

NDBM001 Business Organization and Management
NDBM002 Economics
NDBM003 Computer Fundamentals and Data Processing

NDBM004 Business Law
NDBM005 Statistics
NDBM006 Financial Accounting and Elements of Taxation

NDBM007 Elements of Auditing and Business Ethics
NDBM008 Business Finance
NDBM009 Production Management

NDBM010 Human Resource Management
NDBM011 Cost and Management Accounting
NDBM012 Information Systems Management

Classroom & distance / Online learning

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Duration 1 or 2 Years
Award Type Certificate/Diploma
Awarding Body EAIL UBETEB

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