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Health Records & Archives Management


Course Objective:

The East Africa Institute of Learning is committed to elevating the standards of the medical record profession in the country. This shall be done through the development of practical and appropriate theoretical knowledge on medical record management for present practitioners. This program is also intended for interested individuals who, because of the pressure for globally competitive medical record professionals, shall be enticed to be part of the institution for their theoretical/educational foundation in the specialized field of medical record management.
Health Information Management is a program designed for local and global health record professionals, which aims to equip them to effectively perform the varied tasks required of well-rounded health information managers by:
• Identifying strategies for achieving health equity under different circumstances
• Applying the policies and procedures for an effective medical record management
• Actively participate in decision making for the improving the quality of healthcare delivery in their respective communities / institution.
This course is designed to introduce the student to the basics of medical records management. It examines the functions of medical records personnel, the health information management department, filing procedures, processing medical records, assembling the medical record, analysis of the record, confidentiality issues and release of information, and other issues related to managing health records.
Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:
• Perform the functions of medical records management
• Apply procedures and practices of the health information management department
• Define special classes of patients who may be subjected to special records handling
• Demonstrate medical filing procedures and medical record processing methods
• Demonstrate confidentiality and privacy act
• Specify necessary items on release of information form
• Handle re-disclosure, primary and secondary records
• Apply steps to be taken in the event of subpoena of a medical record
• Handle medical record content and responsibility of content
The Diploma course therefore is geared to providing an opportunity for such people to have completed “A” Level and the Certificate course with knowledge in business that will enable them to be employed gainfully. It can be also be an avenue for academic growth where people without the minimum 2 principles passes to enter the University can join on passing the Diploma program and those who don’t have enough Income to join (he Degree programs directly.

Course Methodology:

The program emphasizes a practical hands on style of learning. Classroom learning is enhanced by clinical and practicum experiences where you learn to apply theory to real life situations.

This course will be taught using a variety of delivery methods which may include face-to-face, online, or blended teaching platforms. Activities such as collaborative exercises/assignments, seminars, labs, discussion, audio/visual presentations, case studies, and work-integrated learning may be used to support learning.


Career opportunities with hospitals, community health clinics, nursing homes , home acre and mental health clinics , insurance companies , pharmaceutical companies. As the healthcare industry continues growing, more health records personnel will be required by hospitals and insurance companies.

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